Dances 2008
Two Step (Every Wednesday)
Barn Dance Rednex Stomp (Kumre) Barn Dance J Walk (Lipscomb)
California Cowgirl (Gitsham) Riding Double Biscuit Lotion Me & My Gang (Motoki)
Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Save A Horse (Born & Lindley) Boot Scootin' Boogie (Mattox, Blair) My Maria (Camaro & Albro)
Cowboy Cha Cha
Shock (Hinerman) California Cowgirl (Gitsham)
Rednex Stomp (Kumre)
Crazy Legs (Underwood) Syncopations (Marsey-Carter) Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Riding Double
Desperado Wrap (Raymos) Ten Rounds (Morgan) Coastin' (Yeoman) Runaway (Hutchinson)
Drifter (Inman) Trailer Chicks (Johnson) Cool Whip (McDonald) Shock (Hinerman)
Fireman Walk the Line (Larkins) Denver Cha Cha Tumbleweed
Horseshoe The Wild West Drifter (Inman) Uno Dos Tres (McClure)
Keep on Going (Gitsham/Kick) Zjozzys Funk (Petra van der Velden) Hillbillies in the Hay (Amato, Royston) Valentine (Diven)
Peace Train (Molkner) Horseshoe Wave on Wave (Birchall)
In A Hicktown (Curtis)    
All Jacked Up (Morgan) Drifter (Inman) All Jacked Up (Morgan) Linda Lu (Hale)  
Amigo (Herbert) Firecracker (Born, Lindley) Badonkadonk (Siquieros) Men In Black (Kellerman)  
Barn Dance Hell Yeah (Wild Willy) Boogaloo The Nick (Horn & Raposa)  
Boogaloo Keep on Going (Gitsham/Kick) Bop The B (Brown & Bowers) Ooh Ahh (Gonzalez)  
California Cowgirl (Gitsham) Kick 'n Rock (Machado) Chill Factor (Whittaker, Westhead) Sweetheart Schottische  
Cha Cha Mixer Maverick (Borja) Crazy Legs (Underwood) Syncopations (Marsey-Carter)  
Coastin' (Yeoman) Me & My Gang (Motoki) Cute, Cute, Cute (Gurdjian) The Walk (Steel)  
Cowboy, The (Dunn) Squeeze Me In (Montana) Desperado Wrap (Raymos) Wild, Wild West (Hookie)  
Denver Cha Cha Ten Rounds (Morgan) Horseshoe Workin' For A Livin' (Gautney, Graham)  
Dizzy (Thompson) Trailer Chicks (Johnson) I Love This Bar (Baker) Zjozzys Funk (Petra van der Velden)  
Doo Wop Be Do (Teather) Walk The Line (Larkins)      
Beer Googles (Diven) Live, Laugh, Love (Bilodiau) Ain't Nobody (Cooke & Smith) Maverick (Borja)  
Biscuit Lotion Redneck Woman (Peyre-Ferry/Fuller) All Jacked Up (Morgan) MMM Bop (Kaylin)  
Boogaloo Rednex Stomp (Kumre) As Good As I Once Was (Born & Lindley) Runaway (Hutchinson)  
California Cowgirl (Gitsham) Riding Double Cha Cha Mixer Sweetheart Schottische  
Cha Cha Mixer Rock It (Hillbilly Rick) Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Turbo (Perry & Metelnick)  
Cool Whip (McDonald) Rodeo Blues (Sala) Coastin' (Yeoman) Uno Dos Tres (McClure)  
Drifter (Inman) Runaway (Hutchinson) Denver Cha Cha Waltz Across Texas  
Hell Yeah (Wild Willy) She Bangs (Hillbilly Rick) Hillbillies in the Hay (Amato, Royston) Workin' For A Livin' (Gautney, Graham)  
In A Hicktown (Curtis) Take It Easy (Weith & Small) Keep on Going (Gitsham/Kick) Zjozzys Funk (Petra van der Velden)  
Jam On (Macleod) Trailer Chicks (Johnson) Linda Lu (Hale)  
Jump, Jive & Wail (Underwood) Workin' For A Livin' (Gautney, Graham) Long Gone (Lawrence, Fisher, Musk, Scott)  
Kick 'n Rock (Machado)  
Badonkadonk (Siquieros) Just LeDoux It (Gurdjian) Badonkadonk (Siquieros) Online Cool (Meerman)  
Boot Scootin' Boogie (Mattox, Blair) Key Lime Pie (Dancin' Terry) Barn Dance Rocky Top (unknown)  
Chill Factor (Whittaker, Westhead) Online Cool (Meerman) Blue Note (Smith) Schottische  
Cha Cha Mixer Riding Double Desperado Wrap (Raymos) Shock (Hinerman)  
Cowboy Cha Cha Rose Garden (Thompson) Doo Wop Be Do (Teather) Slappin' Leather  
Firecracker Light of My Life (Born, Lindley) She's A Firecracker (Schell) Drifter (Inman) Ten Rounds (Morgan)  
Fireman Tail Gate (Albro) God Bless Texas Tail Gate (Albro)  
Good Time (Cain) 29 Days (Curtis) Good Time (Cain) 29 Days (Curtis)  
Horseshoe Whiskey Girl (Pye) Honky Tonk Attitude TGIF (Thompson, Perron)  
Jump, Jive & Wail (Underwood) Zjozzys Funk (Petra van der Velden) Me & My Gang (Motoki) The Walk (Steel)  
All Jacked Up (Morgan) Jump, Jive & Wail (Underwood) Ain't Nobody (Cooke & Smith) Horseshoe  
Basic Two Step Kick 'n Rock (Machado) Boot Scootin' Boogie (Mattox, Blair) In A Hicktown (Curtis)  
Cha Cha Mixer Online Cool (Meerman) California Cowgirl (Gitsham) Shock (Hinerman)  
Cowboy Cha Cha Rednex Stomp (Kumre) Cha Cha Mixer Slappin' Leather  
Denver Cha Cha Runaway (Hutchinson) Cool Whip (McDonald) Trailer Chicks (Johnson)  
Drifter (Inman) She Bangs (Hillbilly Rick) Cute, Cute, Cute (Gurdjian) Tush Push (Ferrazzano & Engel)  
Dizzy (Thompson) Tail Gate (Albro) El Paso Cha Cha The Walk (Steel)  
Good Time (Cain) Trailer Chicks (Johnson) Ghost Rider (Elliott & Harding) Watermelon Crawl (Lipscomb)  
Honky Tonk Attitude Zjozzys Funk (Petra van der Velden) Good Time (Cain) The Wild West  
I Love This Bar (Baker)   Heartbreak Hotel (Perry) Workin' For A Livin' (Gautney, Graham)  
Ain't Nobody (Cooke & Smith) Slappin' Leather All Jacked Up (Morgan) Keep On Going (Gitsham, Kick)  
All Jacked Up (Morgan) Schottische Bocephus (Rice) Online Cool (Meerman)  
Barn Dance Tailgate (Albro) Cha Cha Mixer Renegade Mixer  
Black Velvet (DeFord) Tush Push (Ferrazzano & Engel) Chicken Fried (Wilson) Riding Double  
Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Walk The Line (Larkins) Coastin' (Yeoman) RU Ready (Kick)  
Cowboy Cha Cha Zjozzys Funk (Petra van der Velden) Denver Cha Cha Shiftwork (Marler)  
Desperado Wrap (Raymos) Doo Wop Be Do (Teather) Tailgate (Albro)  
Drifter (Inman) Workshop: Good Time (Cain) Two Step  
Fireman Hell Yeah (Wild Willy) Uno Dos Tres (McClure)  
Hillbillies in the Hay (Amato, Royston) Drive Me Wild (Blevins) In A Hicktown (Curtis) Whiskey Girl (Pye)  
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Siquieros) Long Legged Hannah (Spence) Jump, Jive & Wail (Underwood)  
In A Hicktown (Curtis) Razor Sharp (Sunter)  
Just LeDoux It (Gurdjian) Suds in the Bucket (Anderson)  
Mockingbird (Durand)