Dances 2019
Ain't Too Cool Horseshoe Aces & Eights (Esper) Midnight Waltz
Backwood Bump (Zahorsky,Ruggiero) Just Dance (Verkamp) Backwood Bump Rock Me
Barn Dance K Is For Kicks (Gonzalez) California Cha Cha Shut Up & Dance
Boomerang Love Someone (Nicole) Cowboy Cha Cha Texas Time (Pistola)
Corona Joe Mixer Nimby EZ (Erlandsson) Cowboy Hustle Tush Push
Damn!!! (Fowler) Slappin' Leather Dirt Road Disco Two Step
Denver Cha Cha Stitches (Glass) Down To The Honky Tonk (Pistoria) West Coast Swing
Dirt Road Disco (Lopez) Thinkin' Country (Ward) High Horse (Schill) What Makes You Country (Holley)
Gonna (Wolford) Tush Push Holler Back (Bailey) (The) Wolf (Liberman)
Grand Daddy Long Legs (Card) Two Step Loosen Up My Buttons (Dominguez)
High Horse (Schill) West Coast Swing
Another Love Song I'm On A Roll (Holley) A Little Heartbreaker I'm On A Roll
Ball Cap J Walk (Lipscomb) Adventure 45 (Vos, Vane) Just A Burning Man (Albro)
California Cha Cha K Is For Kicks (Gonzalez) Boot Scootin' Boogie Neutron Dance
Can't Walk Away Loosen Up My Buttons (Dominguez) Boys Round Here Nite Club Two Step
Closer To You (Thompson) Midnight Waltz Closer To You (Thompson) The Outlaw (Wilson)
Coastin' Redneck Angel Cowboy Cha Cha Texas Time
Country Girl Stomp (Holley, Mosley) Reggae Cowboy Four On The Floor (Thompson, Ziminski) Two Step
Dizzy Texas Time Going Hamm Vacation (Petrocelli)
Ghost Train Two Step Gonna (Wolford) West Coast Swing
Going Hamm West Coast Swing Gotta Have It What Makes You Country (Holley)
Heartache On The Dance Floor You & Me In The Country (Crowe) High Horse (Schill)
High Horse (Schill)
Adventure 45 (Vos, Vane) Make It Sweet (McEnaney, White)

Angel & Corona (Bailey,Sale,Bourdages,Verdonk)

Back It Up Mr. Lonely (Royston) Blow Me A Kiss Lonely Drum
Cleveland Boyz Never Coming Down (Craig) Bucket Seats (Albro) Love Flow (Poulsen)
Closer To You (Thompson) Peace Train Buckin' Sexy (Browning) Make It Sweet (McEnaney, White)
Desperado Wrap Queens Waltz Corona Joe Mixer Mr. Lonely (Royston)
East Coast Swing Tailgate Country Strong (Dunn, Konzen) My Maria
Ghost Train Texas Time Country Two Step Never Coming Down (Craig)
Gonna (Wolford) Thinkin' Country Drifter (Inman) Nightclub Two Step
High Horse (Schill) Two Step Drink In My Hand Nothing But You (Bailey)
I'm On A Roll (Holley) Uno, Dos, Tres Keep It Simple (Gallagher) Two Step
Just A Burning Man (Albro) Walkin' Wazi Just A Burning Man (Albro) West Coast Swing
Keep It Simple (Gallagher) Waltz
Kick N Rock
Angel & Corona (Bailey,Sale,Bourdages,Verdonk) Love Flow (Poulsen) Aces & Eights (Esper) Keep It Simple (Gallagher)
Country Strong (Dunn, Konzen) Make It Sweet (McEnaney, White) Adventure 45 (Vos, Vane) Knockin' Boots Strut (Roldan)
Cowboy Cha Cha Mr. Lonely (Royston) Backwood Bump (Zahorsky,Ruggiero) Love Flow (Poulsen)
Dare To Dance (Whitehouse) Never Coming Down (Craig) Burn It To The Ground Mr. Lonely (Royston)
Gonna (Wolford) Nothing But You (Bailey) Corona Joe Mixer Texas Time
Holler Back (Bailey) Sweetheart Schottische Dancing Around It Thinkin' Country
Horseshoe Slappin' Leather Dirt Road Disco Two Step
J Walk (Lipscomb) Two Step Double D Vacation (Petrocelli)
Keep It Simple (Gallagher) We Are Tonight (Albro) Hands Up (Diamond) We Are Tonight (Albro)
Loosen Up My Buttons (Dominguez) West Coast Swing Honey, I'm Good West Coast Swing
Angel & Corona Knockin' Boots Strut (Roldan) Blue Jeans On Loving On You (Haynes
Call Me Senorita (Dominguez) MMM Bop Call Me Senorita (Dominguez) Nothing But You (Bailey)
Canadian Stomp (Hall, Smith) Mr. Lonely (Royston) Codigo (Stott) Shot Of Tequila (Whitehouse)
Codigo (Stott) Nightclub Two Step Denver Cha Cha Sweet Tea (Dominguez)
Country Strong (Dunn, Konzen) Reason To Stay (Bailey) Every Litle Honky Tonk (Lustgraaf) Two Step
Cowboy Cha Cha Something In The Water The Git Up (Brown) Unforgettable (Shields/Clesceri)
Get Ugly Sweetheart Schottische Head Over Boots (Dembiec) West Coast Swing
The Git Up (Brown) Texas Time Horseshoe (The) Wolf (Liberman)
Hands Up (Diamond) Two Step Knockin' Boots Strut (Roldan) The World
High Horse (Schill) West Coast Swing Little Bit Later On You Look Good (Dominguez)
Just A Burning Man (Albro) What Makes You Country Love Flow (Poulsen)
Barn Dance Loving On You    
Body Good (Lee, Sobrielo) Mr. Lonely (Royston)    
Call Me Senorita (Dominguez) New Tattoo (Holly)    
Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Nightclub Two Step    
Cowboy Up Nothing But You (Bailey)    
Dancing Around It Rasied On Country (Smith)    
Groovy Love She Bangs    
Hollywood Tonight (Pena) Sweet Tea (Dominguez)    
Keep It Simple (Gallagher) Texas Time    
Little Bit Later On Trouble Maker (Nuno)    
Love Flow (Poulsen) Two Step    
West Coast Swing