Dances 2017
Back It Up (Bailey, Sarlemijn) Gotta Have It (Ingram) Banjo Little Bit Later On (Fillion)
Banjo Honky Tonk Attitude Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Night Club Two Step (Beg)
Blue Jean Swing (Albro) House Party (Short, Kick) Buckin' Sexy (Browning) No Vacancy (Thornton)
Body Rock Lay Low (Bailey) Cowboy Cha Cha Rocky Top (Woolman)
Bucket Seats (Albro) Move Like You Do (Rotondo) Cowboy Up (Hile) Sweetheart Schottische
Country Cricket Nightclub Two Step Double D (Thornton) Walk the Line (Larkins)
Cowboy Cha Cha Power Jam Good Time (Cain) Watermelon Crawl (Lipscomb)
Dance For Your Freedom (Roldan) So Just Dance, Dance, Dance(Vane, Richard) Head Over Boots (Dembiec) We Are Tonight (Albro)
Dance WIth Me Tush Push Hell Yeah (Wild Willy) West Coast Swing
Denver Cha Cha Two Step Honey, I'm Good (Manning)
Double D (Thornton) West Coast Swing Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Siquiros)
Funky Donkey (Maynard)   House Party (Short, Kick)
After Party Maverick (Borja) Central Standard Time (Albro) Horseshoe
Banjo Men In Black (Kellerman) Corona Joe Mixer Little Bit Later On (Fillion)
Bucket Seats (Albro) MMM Bop (Kaylin) (The) Cowboy Shape Of You (Oliphant)
Corona Joe Mixer Renegade Stomp Cowboy Cha Cha Stomp Like What (Liberman)
Country Cricket Riding Double Denver Cha Cha Two Step
Cowboy Hustle Shape Of You (Oliphant) Double D (Thornton) Vacation (Petrocelli)
Drifter (Inman) Tumbleweed Drifter (Inman) The Walk (Steel)
Friday Night Two Step 15 In A 30 (Cowls) West Coast Swing
Get Ugly Vacation (Petrocelli) Friday Night You Look Good (Dominguez)
Zjozzys Funk (Petra van der Velden) West Coast Swing Gimme, Gimme (Mather)
Little Bit Later On (Fillion) You Look Good (Dominguez)
After Party Horseshoe Aces & Eights (Esper) Honky Tonk Attitude
Black Velvet (DeFord) Maverick (Borja) Central Standard Time (Albro) Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Siquiros)
Central Standard Time (Albro) Riding Double Corona Joe Mixer Linda Lu (Hale)
Cha Cha Caliente Shape Of You (Oliphant) Country To The Core (Ouhibi) Little Bit Later On (Fillion)
Country To The Core (Ouhibi) Sweetheart Schottische Cowboy Cha Cha Men In Black (Kellerman)
Cowboy Cha Cha Simmer On Down (Chidley) Dancing Around It (Albro) MMM Bop (Kaylin)
The Fighter (Holley) Two Step Denver Cha Cha Rock It (Hillbilly Rick)
Get Ugly The Walk (Steel) Desperado Wrap Simmer On Down (Chidley)
Honky Tonk Attitude West Coast Swing Dirty Boots (Gautney) Two Step
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Siquiros) You Look Good (Dominguez) 15 In A 30 (Cowls) West Coast Swing
The Fighter (Holley) You Look Good (Dominguez)
Aces & Eights (Esper) Honey, I'm Good (Manning) Aces & Eights (Esper) Lay Down And Dance (Murray, Hadisubroto)
Beer Money Lay Down And Dance (Murray, Hadisubroto) Barn Dance Linda Lu (Hale)
Blue Jean Swing (Albro) My California (Curtis) Body Rock Little Bit Later On (Fillion)
Bucket Seats (Albro) Power Jam California Cha Cha (The) Outlaw (Wilson)
(The) Cowboy Renegade Mixer Central Standard Time (Albro) Renegade Mixer
Dancing Around It (Albro) Riding Double Corona Joe Mixer Ring On Every Finger
Denver Cha Cha Ten Rounds (Morgan) Cowboy Cha Cha Slappin' Leather
Drink In My Hand Turn Me Loose (The) Fighter (Holley) Sweetheart Schottische
El Paso Cha Cha Two Step Flatliner (Dunn) Two Step
(The) Fighter (Holley) Vacation (Petrocelli) Honey, I'm Good (Manning) West Coast Swing
Flatliner (Dunn) Watermelon Crawl Horseshoe You Look Good (Dominguez)
Hicktown (Curtis) West Coast Swing Keep On Going (Gitsham, Kick) Yours (Peña)

Yours (Peña)

A Lil Bit Lit (Fowler) House Party (Short, Kick) A Lil Bit Lit (Fowler) Lonely Drum (Mitchell)
Aces & Eights (Esper) My Maria Barn Dance My California
Black Velvet (DeFord) Ring On Every Finger Corona Joe Mixer Power Jam
Corona Joe Mixer Simmer On Down Cowboy Cha Cha Ring On Every Finger
Cowboy Cha Cha Sweetheart Schottische Cowboy Hustle Tumbleweed
Dirty Laundry Slappin' Leather (Brandon) Dancing Around It Two Step
El Paso Cha Cha Turn Me Loose (Friel) Denver Cha Cha Unforgettable (Shields/Clesceri)
(The) Fighter (Holley) Tush Push (Ferrazzano, Engel) Everybody Have A Good Time Vacation (Petrocelli)
Flatliner (Dunn) Two Step Ghost Train We Went (Kovatch)
Four On The Floor (Thompson, Ziminski) Vacation (Petrocelli) Gravedigger (Manning) West Coast Swing
Friday Night (Manning) Walkin' Wazi (Callahan, Getty) Honey, I'm Good (Manning)  
High Class (Short, Kick) West Coast Swing    
Aces & Eights (Esper) Nightclub Two Step Aces & Eights (Esper) Honey, I'm Good
Booty To The Floor (Manning) Outlaw (Wilson) Body Rock Linda Lu (Hale)
Country To The Core (Ouhibi)
Redneck Angel (Litzenburg, Filiou)
Buckin' Sexy (Browning) My Maria
(The) Cowboy Renegade Mixer California Cha Cha Redneck Angel
Cowboy Cha Cha Riding Double Can't Walk Away (Barsuglia,Gonzalez) Slappin' Leather
Cowboy Hustle Ring On Every Finger Corona Joe Mixer Thinkin' Country (Ward)
Get Ugly Sweetheart Schottische Dancing Around It Turn Me Loose (Friel)
Horseshoe Two Step Denver Cha Cha Two Step
Linda Lu (Hale) Unforgettable (Shields/Clesceri) Desperado Wrap Two Step Line Dance
Little Bit Later On (Fillion) Walkin' Wazi (Callahan, Getty) Dizzy Unforgettable (Shields,Clescen)
Lonely Drum (Mitchell) West Coast Swing El Paso Cha Cha West Coast Swing
  Everybody Have A Good TIme Wildflower
The Fighter (Holley)