Dances 2016
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American Kids (Pellieter) Horseshoe Boot Scootin' Boogie (Mattox, Blair) Honey, I'm Good (Manning)
Boys 'Round Here House Party (Short, Kick) Chattanooga Lucy (Short) House Party (Short, Kick)
Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Move Like You Do (Rotondo) Cowboy Cha Cha Make Me Wanna (Gma Bobbey)
Cowboy Cha Cha Party Like Cowboys (Ehmann) Denver Cha Cha No Vacancy (Thornton)
Cowboy Up (Hile) Perfectly Confused (Ingram) Dizzy (Thompson) Riding Double
Double D (Thornton) Sweetheart Schottische Double Shot Of Crown (Jones) Something In The Water (Poulsen)
El Paso Cha Cha Ten Step Drifter (Inman) Trans Am
Fireman Tush Push (Ferrazzano, Engel) Funky Donkey (Maynard) Two Shots & A Song (Roldan)
Friday Night (Manning) Two Shots & A Song (Roldan) Gimme, Gimme (Mather) Two Step
Goin' Hamm (Thornton) Two Step Head Over Boots (Dembiec) West Coast Swing
High Class (Short, Kick) We Are Tonight (Albro) High Class (Short, Kick) We Went (Kovatch)
Honey, I'm Good (Manning) West Coast Swing
Hootenanny (Robinson)
Barn Dance (Dick & Geneva) Head Over Boots (Dembiec) Can't Stop (Mar) House Party (Short, Kick)
Better In Boots (Smith0 High Class (Short, Kick) Caribbean Cowboy (Henry) J Walk (Lipscomb)
Blue Jean Swing (Albro) House Party (Short, Kick) Chattanooga Lucy (Short) Power Jam
Bobbi With An I (McEnaney) Lips (Weiss) Cowboy Cha Cha The Moment (Peerson)
Body Rock Slappin' Leather (Brandon) Denver Cha Cha Trouble Maker (Rathbun)
Bucket Seats (Albro) Trouble Maker (Rathbun) Desperado Wrap Tush Push (Ferrazzano, Engel)
Chattanooga Lucy (Short) Two Step Drifter (Inman) Two Step
Cowboy Cha Cha Waltz Goin' Hamm (Thornton) Walkin' Wazi (Callahan, Getty)
Cowboy Hustle West Coast Swing Gotta Have It (Ingram) We Went (Kovatch)
Fairy Tales & Love Songs (Mundy) We Went (Kovatch) Head Over Boots (Dembiec) West Coast Swing
Gotta Have It (Ingram)
After Party (Rowe) Gotta Have It (Ingram) Barn Dance (Dick & Geneva) Goin' Hamm (Thornton)
AIn't Nothing (Bass) Honey, I'm Good (Manning) Beautiful Drug (King) Honky Tonk Attitude
Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Horseshoe Blue Jeans On (Dominguez) Horseshoe
Body Rock Lay Low (Bailey) Bop The B (Brown, Bowers) House Party (Short, Kick)
Bucket Seats (Albro) Move Like You Do Can't Stop Us (Mar) I Want Crazy (Carlson)
Cinco de Mayo (Livett, Thompson) Neutron Dance (Bader) Country Feels (Weston) Lay Low (Bailey)
Copperhead (Smith) The Moment (Peerson) Cowboy Cha Cha Lil Bit Of You (Nubia, Rivera)
Cowboy Cha Cha Two Step Cowboy Up (Hile) Men In Black (Kellerman)
Cowboy Up (Hile) We Went (Kovatch) Denver Cha Cha Riding Double
Day Drinkin' (Manning) West Coast Swing Dizzy (Thompson) Two Step
Good TIme (Cain) Double Shot Of Crown (Jones) West Coast Swing
Friday Night (Manning)
American Kids (Pellieter) Friday Night (Manning) Back It Up (Bailey, Sarlemijn) House Party (Short, Kick)
Back It Up (Bailey, Sarlemijn) Honey, I'm Good (Manning) Badonkadonk (Siquieros) Just Dance (Verkamp)
Badonkadonk (Siquieros) Horseshoe Ball Cap (Kick, Short) No Vacancy (Thornton)
Ball Cap (Kick, Short) House Party (Short, Kick) Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Rocky Top
Blue Jeans On (Dominguez) Lay Low (Bailey) Boys Round Here (Kick, Short) So Just Dance, Dance, Dance (Vane, Richard)
Bucket Seats (Albro) Lil Bit Of You (Nubia, Rivera) Cake (Roldan) Something In The Water (Poulsen)
Cake (Roldan) Riding Double Day Drinkin' (Manning) Two Step
Can't Stop Us (Mar) Schottische Friday Night (Manning) West Coast Swing
Cowboy Hustle

So Just Dance, Dance, Dance(Vane, Richard)

Head Over Boots (Dembiec)
Cowboy Up (Hile) Two Step
Desperado Wrap We Went (Kovatch)
Double D (Thornton) Zjozzy's Funk (van der Velden)
Askin' Questions (Bass) Hootenanny Back It Up (Bailey, Sarlemijn) Gravedigger
Bucket Seats (Albro) Horseshoe Country Girl Shake (Adlum,Hunt) Just Getting Started (Albro)
Cake (Roldan) House Party (Kick, Short) Cowboy Hustle Loving Me Is Red
Country Feels (Weston) Maverick (Borja) Denver Cha Cha Power Jam
Cowboy Cha Cha Outlaw Drifter (Inman) Riding Double
Cowboy Hustle Rocky Top El Paso Cha Cha Schottische
Crash And Burn Slappin' Leather (Brandon) Funky Slide Shake It Off (Mar)
Denver Cha Cha The Fireman Get Ugly (Liberman) Two Step
Desperado Wrap Toes (McEnaney) Ghost Trsin Waltz Across Texas (Nelson)
GIrl Next Door (Peters) Two Step Girl Next Door (Peters) Watermelon Crawl (Lipscomb)
Goin' Hamm (Thornton) Waltz Across Texas (Nelson) Goin' Hamm (Thornton) We Went (Kovatch)
Head Over Boots (Dembiec) West Coast Swing Gotta Have It (Ingram) West Coast Swing
All Jacked Up (Morgan) House Party (Kick, Short) Ball Cap (Kick, Short) Honey, I'm Good (Manning)
Barn Dance (Dick & Geneva) Lay Low (Bailey) Booze Cruise (Manning) Horseshoe
Bop The B (Brown, Bowers) My Maria (Camara, Albro) Chill Factor (Whittaker,Westhead) House Party (Kick, Short)
Country Girl Shake (Adlum, Hunt) Redneck Angel (Litzenburg, Filiou) Cowboy Cha Cha More Like You Do (Rotondo)
Cowboy Cha Cha Renegade Mixer Cowboy Hustle No Vacancy (Thornton)
Cowboy Hustle Renegade Stomp Dance For Your Freedom (Roldan) Power Jam
Denver Cha Cha Shake It Off (Mar) Desperado Wrap Redneck Angel (Litzenburg, Filiou)
Dizzy (Thompson) Something In The Water (Poulsen) Double D (Thornton) Two Step
Get Ugly (Liberman) Tush Push (Ferrazzano, Engel) El Paso Cha Cha We Went (Kovatch)
Goin' Hamm (Thornton) Two Step Get Ugly (Liberman) West Coast Swing
Gravedigger (Manning) West Coast Swing Girl Next Door (Peters) Zjozzy's Funk (van der Velden)
Hicktown (Curtis) Good Time (Cain)