Dances 2013
Beers Ago (Schill) Nightclub Two Step Beers Ago (Schill) Renegade Mixer (Kumre)
Country Cricket (Boucher) Online ( Meerman) Beer Money (Brackett) Rocky Top (Woolman)
Cowboy (Dunn) Riding Double Cha Cha Mixer Shotgun Girls (Iguchi)
Cowboy Cha Cha
Rock It (Hillbilly Rick) Country Girl Shake (Adlum, Hunt) Sweetheart Schottische
Cowboy Up (Hile) Shock (Hinnerman) Denver Cha Cha Telescope (Dembiec)
Drifter (Inman) Shuttin' Detroit Down (Pelletier) Is It Friday Yet (Dawson) Two Step
Fairy Tales & Love Songs (Mundy) Takin' It Easy ((Weith, Small) Long-legged Hannah (Spence) The Walk (Steel)
Four on the Floor (Thomson, Ziminski) Telescope (Dembiec) Love Is Better (Albro) Walk The Line (Larkins)
Good Time (Cain) Turn Me Loose (Friel) Rain Is A Good Thing (Walker) Waltz
Hell Yeah (Wild Willy) Two Step Ready To Roll (Musk) Waltz Across Texas (Nielsen)
Horseshoe West Coast Swing Rednex Stomp (Kumre) West Coast Swing
Motorboatin' (Lustgraaf)  
Back Street Attitude (Davies) Full Throttle (Lustgraaf) Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Redneck Angel (Litzenburg, Filiou)
Barefoot Bluejean Night (Verkamp) God Bless Texas (Batson) Bop The B (Brown, Bowers) Saddle Up Shawty (Mundy)
Beer Money (Brackett) Gravedigger (Manning) Country Boys Roll (Curtis) She Bangs (Hillbilly Rick)
Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Irish Stew (Lightfoot) Cowboy (Dunn) Shotgun Girls (Iguchi)
Coastin' (Yeoman) Motorboatin' (Lustgraaf) Cowboy Up (Hile) Springsteen (Smith)
Country Boys Roll (Curtis) Nightclub Two Step Denver Cha Cha Sweetheart Schottische
Country Girl Shake (Adlum, Hunt) Ready To Roll (Musk) Four on the Floor (Thomson, Ziminski) TGIF (Thompson & Perron)
Cowboy Cha Cha Riding Double Having A Good Time (Brown) Tornado (Avinger)
Creepin' (Smith) Toes (McEnaney) Love To Shake (Short, Kick) Two Step
Desperado Wrap Tornado (Lineberry) Motorboatin' (Lustgraaf) West Coast Swing
Fake ID (Footloose) Two Step Nightclub Two Step
Four on the Floor (Thomson, Ziminski) West Coast Swing
Beer Money (Brackett) Four on the Floor (Thomson, Ziminski)
After Party (Rowe) Having A Good Time (Brown) Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Having A Good Time (Brown)
Barn Dance Love To Shake (Short, Kick) Boys Around Here (Kick, Short) Horseshoe
Boys Around Here (Kick, Short) Nightclub Two Step Cha Cha Caliente Love Is Better (Albro)
Cabo San Lucas Renegade Stomp Chill Factor (Whittaker, Westhead) Motorboatin' (Lustgraaf)
Country Feels (Weston) Saddle Up Shawty (Mundy) Country Cricket (Boucher) Party Like Cowboys (Ehmann)
Country Girl Shake (Adlum, Hunt) Shotgun Girls (Iguchi) Country Feels (Weston) Player (Manning)
Creepin' (Smith) Tornado (Avinger) Cowboy Cha Cha Redneck Angel (Litzenburg, Filiou)
Drink In My Hand Two Step Cruise (Manning) Riding Double
Fairy Tales & Love Songs (Mundy) West Coast Swing Denver Cha Cha Springsteen (Smith)
Gravedigger (Manning) Deja Vu (Potter) Two Step
  West Coast Swing
After Party (Rowe) Linda Lu (Hale) Barn Dance Let's Get Loud (Livett, Thompson)
Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Men In Black (Kellerman) Bocephus (Rice) Long-legged Hannah (Spence)
Country Feels (Weston) Nightclub Two Step Boys Around Here (Kick, Short) Love To Shake (Short, Kick)
Country Two Step Player (Manning) Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Pirate Flag (Hicks)
Cowboy Cha Cha Pretty Good At Drinking Beer Country Cricket (Boucher) Red Hot Salsa (Brown)
Cowboy Hustle Saddle Up Shawty (Mundy) Country Two Step Riding Double
Creepin' (Smith) Shotgun Girls (Iguchi) Creepin' (Smith) Rock Me (Manning, Lesmeister)
Denver Cha Cha Suntan City (Johns-Grose) Cruise (Manning) Sweetheart Schottische
Firecracker Turn Me Loose (Friel) Cupid's Waltz (Potts) Tie It Up (Stone)
Gravedigger (Manning) Usually Me (Marcantonio) Denver Cha Cha Trailer Chicks (Johnson)
Horseshoe West Coast Swing Downtown (Hicks) Two Step
    Hootenanny (Robinson) West Coast Swing
All About Tonight (Albro) Motorboatin' (Lustgraaf) Aw Naw (Lustgraaf) Horseshoe
Aw Naw (Lustgraaf) Red Hot Salsa (Brown) Beer Money (Brackett) Just Dance (Verkamp)
Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Rednex Stomp (Kumre) Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Linda Lu (Hale)
Boys Around Here (Kick, Short) Renegade Mixer (Kumre) Boys Around Here (Kick, Short) Maverick (Borja)
Cool Whip (McDonald) Rock Me (Manning, Lesmeister) Cleveland Boyz (Carpenter) My Kinda Night (Everett / Robinson)
Cowboy Cha Cha Suntan City (Johns-Grose) Country Feels (Weston) Nightclub Two Step
Cruise (Manning) That's My Kinda Night (Everett / Robinson) Country Two Step Rain Is A Good Thing (Walker)
Desperado Wrap Tie It Up (Stone) Downtown (Hicks) Red Hot Salsa (Brown)
Downtown (Hicks) Two Step Drifter (Inman) Redneck Angel (Litzenburg, Filiou)
Fairy Tales & Love Songs (Mundy) West Coast Swing Gravedigger (Manning) Usually Me (Marcantonio)
Hootenanny (Robinson)   Hicktown (Curtis) West Coast Swing
  Hootenanny (Robinson)
Aw Naw (Lustgraaf) I Want Crazy (Carlson) Aw Naw (Lustgraaf) Red (Bates & Verkamp)
Beers Ago (Schill) Just Dance (Verkamp) Downtown (Hicks) Riding Double
Beer Money (Brackett) My Kinda Night(Everett / Robinson) Christmas Cookies (Dodd) TGIF (Thompson & Perron)
Blue Jean Swing (Albro) Nightclub Two Step El Paso Cha Cha Trailer Chicks (Johnson)
Blurred Lines (Bos, Verdunk) Red Hot Salsa (Brown) Funky Slide (Blair) Two Step
California Cowgirl (Gitsham) Redneck Angel (Litzenburg, Filiou) Gravedigger (Manning) Two Step Line Dance (Royston)
Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Riding Double Horseshoe We Danced (Frohn & Silva)
Country Girl Shake (Adlum, Hunt) Rock Me (Manning, Lesmeister) I Want Crazy (Carlson) We Were Us (Fillion)
Cowboy Cha Cha Tie It Up (Stone) Love Is Better (Albro) West Coast Swing
Cowboy Up (Hile) Two Step My Kinda Night (Everett / Robinson)
Desperado Wrap The Walk (Steel)  
Downtown (Hicks) West Coast Swing  
Hootenanny (Robinson)