Dances 2011
Ala-Freakin-Bama (Curtis) Party Like A Cowboy (Ehmann) All About Tonight (Albro) Hot & Hazy (Fleming, Potter, Potter)
All About Tonight Party Starter (Rod) All Nite Long (Curtis) Party Like Cowboys (Ehmann)
All Nite Long (Curtis) Quarter After One (Hubbard) Bobbi With An I (McEnaney) Party Starter (Rod)
Beer Man (Douglas)
Red High Heels (Bourassa, Frechette) Bocephus ( Rice) Squeeze Me In (Montana)
Casanova Cowboy (Fowler) Renegade Mixer Blue Note (Smith) Strait Cha Cha (Gonzalez)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Bourassa, Frechette) Riding Double Country Boys Roll (Curtis) Sweetheart Schottische
Denver Cha Cha Rio (Lowery) Desperado Wrap Tailgate (Albro)
Drifter (Inman) Rocky Top (Woolman) Drifter (Inman) Turbo (Perry, Metelnick)
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Siquieros) Tailgate (Albro) Hard Hats & Hammers (Verkamp) Turn Me Loose (Friel)
Hot & Hazy (Fleming, Potter, Potter) TAZ (unknown) Horseshoe
Maverick (Borja) Ten Rounds (Morgan)  
All Jacked Up (Morgan) Kinda Busy (Bennett) Adaptable ( Trace) Kick and Rock (Machado)
Barn Dance Long Legged Hannah (Spence) Beer Man (Douglas) Laid Back & Low Key (Metalnick, Biggs)
Cha Cha Mixer Party Starter (Rod) Bobbi With An I (McEnaney) Nightclub Two Step
Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Rednex Stomp (Kumre) Bocephus ( Rice) Party Like A Cowboy (Ehmann)
Coastin' (Yeoman) Riding Double California Cowgirl (Gitsham) Red High Heels (Bourassa, Frechette)
Denver Cha Cha Shuttin' Detroit Down (Pelletier) Cowboy Cha Cha Renegade Mixer
Designated Drinker (Reeves) Stray Cat Strut Drifter (Inman) Rose Garden (Thompson)
God Bless Texas (Batson) The Walk (Steel) Fancy Footwork (Curtis) Shuttin' Detroit Down (Pelletier)
Good Time (Cain) Wild West Hip Hop Hard Hats & Hammers (Verkamp) Stuck Like Glue (Cooper, Hunt)
Higher & Higher (Perry) Workin' for a Livin' (Gautney, Graham) Hell Yeah (Wild Willy) Sweetheart Schottische
Just Dance (Verkamp) Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Siquieros) Take It Easy (Weith, Small)
    Is Baby's Radio On (Gytal) Wild West Hip Hop
    Jam On (McLeod)
All About Tonight (Albro) Just Dance (Verkamp) Adaptable ( Trace) My Give A Damn's Busted (Born, Lindley)
All Jacked Up (Morgan) Kinda Busy (Bennett) All Nite Long (Curtis) Nightclub Two Step
Beer For My Horses (Bass) Nightclub Two Step As Good As I Once Was (Born, Lindley) Outlaw (Wilson)
Bite The Dust (Curtis) No News (unknown) Bite The Dust (Curtis) Shiftwork (Marler)
Casanova Cowboy (Fowler) Riding Double Cowboy Cha Cha Stray Cat Strut
Cruisin' (Hale) Rocky Top (Woolman) Crazy Ec-girlfriend (Bourassa, Frechette) Sweetheart Schottische
Denver Cha Cha Stuck Like Glue (Cooper, Hunt) Crazy Legs (Underwood) Tailgate (Albro)
Desperado Wrap Swingshift (Smith) Duck Soup (Trace) Turn Me Loose (Friel)
Doo Wop Be Doo (Teather) TAZ (unknown) Fancy Footwork (Curtis) Two Step
Fancy Footwork (Curtis) Two Step Kinda Busy (Bennett) West Coast Swing
Horseshoe Uno, Dos, Tres (McClure) Laid Back & Low Key (Metalnick, Biggs)
  West Coast Swing
Beer Man (Douglas) Outlaw (Wilson) Baby Tonight (Hickie) In A Hictown (Curtis)
Cha Cha Mixer Party Like Cowboys (Ehmann) Beer For My Horses (Bass) Kinda Busy (Bennett)
Denver Cha Cha Rednex Stomp (Kumre) Bobbi With An I (McEnaney) Let's Get Loud (Livett, Thompson)
Desperado Wrap Renegade Mixer California Cowgirl (Gitsham) Nightclub Two Step
Don't Give A Blank (Metelnick, Biggs) Rockin' (McNab) Caribbean Cowboy (Henry) Party Like Cowboys (Ehmann)
Drifter (Inman) Stuck Like Glue (Cooper, Hunt) Country Girl Shake (Adlem, Hunt) Peace Train (Molkner)
Firecracker (Born, Lindley) Take It Easy (Weith, Small) Cowboy Caliente Riding Double
Hard Hats & Hammers (Verkamp) Trailer Chicks (Johnson) Cowboy Cha Cha She Ain't You (Curtis)
Hot & Hazy (Fleming, Potter, Potter) Two Step Cowgirl Twist (Bader) Two Step
Jump, Jive, Wail (Underwood) The Walk (Steel) El Paso Cha Cha West Coast Swing
MMM Bop (Kaylin) West Coast Swing Horseshoe Wildflower (Manier)
Nightclub Two Step Wildflower (Manier)  
Adaptable ( Trace) Laid Back & Low Key (Metalnick, Biggs) All Nite Long (Curtis) Hot Mess (Curtis)
All About Tonight (Albro) Nightclub Two Step Baby Bubbles (Teather) Is Baby's Radio On (Gytal)
Baby Tonight (Hickie) Party Like Cowboys (Ehmann) Barefoot Blue Jean Night (Verkamp) J Walk (Lipscomb)
Barefoot Blue Jean Night (Verkamp) Party Starter (Rod) Cha Cha Caliente (unknown) Nightclub Two Step
Bite The Dust (Curtis) Riding Double Cha Cha Mixer Party Like Cowboys (Ehmann)
Caribbean Cowboy (Henry) Stuck Like Glue (Cooper, Hunt) Country Boys Roll (Curtis) Repercussions (Maureen & Michelle Jones)
Casanova Cowboy (Fowler) Sweetheart Schottische Cowboy Cha Cha Riding Double
Country Girl Shake (Adlem, Hunt) TAZ (unknown) Country Two Step Stuck Like Glue (Cooper, Hunt)
Denver Cha Cha Toes (McEnaney ) Cruisin' (Hale) Sweetheart Schottische
Drifter (Inman) Two Step Denver Cha Cha Tailgate (Albro)
Hell Yeah (Wild Willy) West Coast Swing Funky Slide (Blair) Turn Me Loose (Friel)
Jump, Jive, Wail (Underwood) Wildflower (Manier) Hard Hats & Hammers (Verkamp) West Coast Swing
    Hillbilly Bone (Lustgraff)
A Drink in my Hand (Goodman) Horseshoe All About Tonight (Albro) Footloose (adapted from the movie)
Ah Si (Masur) Let's Get Loud (Livett, Thompson) All Jacked Up (Morgan) Jesus, Elvis & Me (Reade)
Baby Bubbles (Teather) Nightclub Two Step Baby Tonight (McGowen Hickie) Nightclub Two Step
Baby Tonight (McGowen Hickie) Red High Heels (Bourassa, Frechette) Bunch of Girls (Chili Chicks) Party Like Cowboys (Ehmann)
Bite The Dust (Curtis) Renegade Mixer Casanova Cowboy (Fowler) Reindeer Rock (White)
Cha Cha Caliente (unknown) Repercussions (Maureen & Michelle Jones) Christmas Cookies (Dodd) Riding Double
Cha Cha Mixer Tailgate (Albro) Cleveland Boyz (Carpenter) Two Step
Chompin' At The Bit (Bass) Ten Rounds (Morgan) Country Girl Shake (Adlem, Hunt) Usually Me (Marcantonio)
Country Girl Shake (Adlem, Hunt) Turn Me Loose (Friel) Cowboy Cha Cha Wave on Wave (Birchall)
Country Two Step Usually Me (Marcantonio) Denver Cha Cha West Coast Swing
Desperado Wrap West Coast Swing Drink In My Hand (Goodman) Wildflower (Manier)
Fake ID (McKinney) Wobble (Brentnell)    
Hell Yeah (Wild WIlly)